Porsche Steering Wheel Restoration, Re trim and Repairs



Designls Offers fully comprehensive Porsche steering wheel restoration, Re trim and repair services. We work with all types of materials including Leather, Alcantara, Wood and Carbon Fibre. Talking about materials - we offer full range of Porsche OEM leathers finishes an colours enabling us to work on all Porsche models. We provide friendly and professional services at our UK Surrey based workshop including Worldwide postal order service. 

Why chose us?

  • We are preferred Porsche UK supplier 
  • Professional craftmanship and advice
  • OEM materials and finish
  • Quick turnaround time including Same Day service   
  • Fitting services at our workshop - No Airbag Light
  • Worldwide delivery


Porsche leather steering wheel Restoration Re trim and Repairs

Most Porsche cars came and are available with leather steering wheels as standard and therefore its the most popular option on all Classic and modern models.  

Porsche 964 993 classic sports three spoke blue leather steering wheel with porsche crest embossing to centre





Alcantara comes as standard option on most track orientated models like 911 GT3, GT3RS, GT2, Cayman R and GT4, GT4RS models and is available as upgrade option for most modern models. Alcantara is high quality man made materials offering improved grip and sporty looks, thanks to its similar look and to Suede that's used on most racing cars.   




Some exclusive and top of the rage models like 911 Turbo, Carrera GT came with carbon fibre steering wheels as standard but also available as upgrade option for most models since late 80's. Most common problem with these steering wheels and particularly in older models like 964, 993 and 996 is cracking Carbon fibre or discoloured lacquer. We are able to remanufacture these steering wheels here in UK and in some cases without need to replace existing leather finish - although most customers chose to get they're steering wheels fully remanufactured while its of the car.   


Porsche 986 996 carbon fibre steering wheel in black leather with black stitching