Leather has been used in our surroundings and interiors for centuries. Thanks to its natural properties, strength and versatility it still remains the most popular luxury material of choice for high-end furniture, interior decorations and installations around the globe. From luxury private residences, hotels, commercial establishments and government buildings to luxury jets, yachts and car interiors.

We offer bespoke leatherwork solutions tailored for individual needs, working closely with your architects and designers to bring your ideas to life.

Home Interiors


Thanks to its tactile quality and aesthetic looks leather can enhance any home interior or space. Starting from simply having one piece of unique furniture, accessory or detailing crafted to your personal design to more architectural leatherwork wall paneling  leather tiles multicolour extensive use of leather as wall panel coverings, flooring, internal doors and walk-in wardrobe installations.




Corporate & Commercial Interiors

Corporate image, first impressions and presentation are very important with any business. The same goes for workspaces where you welcome and deal with your customers or hold business and board meetings. At DesignLS we are convinced that leather furniture and leather installations can help to create warmer, more welcoming and comfortable surroundings for your workspace, at the same time thanks to our custom designs and bespoke product options you will be able customise finishes to reflect your brand identity. Starting from comfortable seating that welcomes your customers and business partners, to decorative furniture pieces, fixtures and installations to provide elegant and fashionable statements. After all, leather will never go out of fashion and we can even offer Eco friendly and synthetic leather replacements to suite everyone's needs. Furthermore investing in quality leather pieces that can last a lifetime makes good business sense.