Automotive Steering wheel re trim, retrimming and restoration in Leather & Alcantara to OEM standards, Upgrades and customisations

porsche 911 997 steering wheel re trimmed in black leather with silver stitvhing by designls ltd

Re trim steering wheel by Designls is the best option if you are looking to restore your vehicles steering wheel to OEM (factory standard) specification. This includes all makes and models of vintage, classics, sports, supercars and and even racing cars.

Using genuine OEM Leather and Alcantara to match existing textures and colours - with retrimming costing from 288£ is a much cheaper then buying new one! Also there is freedom to customize included in the same price if you like to change colour or material itself if OEM finish is not quite to your liking.  





  • Great customer feedback & quick turnaround
  • Competitive pricing with quality materials
  • Top craftsmanship & bespoke options


Re trim steering wheel to your own Bespoke and Custom Design

Our custom and one off design steering wheel service is great choice for everyone who is looking for something a bit more special and unique. Perhaps sports or luxury wood, carbon fibre finish? 

With wide choice of materials, colours, stitching styles, wheel ergonomics, wood veneering and carbon fibre finishes available your options are only limited to imagination. Like with our leather interiors we will incorporate your ideas and refine final designs to achieve unique styling that will work with rest of your car interior and will provide top quality product to suite any taste and requirements.

  • Custom designs and wide range of materials
  • Carbon fibre and real wood veneering
  • Steering wheel ergonomic change & improvements
  • Bespoke badging & branding

re trim steering wheel by Designls ltd Aston Martin black Alcantara carbon