We offer fully tailored automotive leather upholstery services enabling customers to create bespoke and fully custom car interiors. Choosing US will enable you to completely transform the appearance and feel of any cars interior. We specialise in high end vehicles and have experience working on PORSCHE, FERRARI, LAMBORGHINI, ASTON MARTIN, RANGE ROVER, MASSERATI, McLaren... 

Be adventures and brave to make your vehicle a dream come true   



IDEA & INSPIRATION - initial stage of every project where we absorb your ideas and look for inspirations true conversation and visual recourses that can come in various forms. Like colour pallets, material, patterns, shapes, surfaces, places, nature or anything else that you enjoy or are emotionally connected to. It can be bunch or images that we receive by email or small sketch on the note pad, it can be abstract or very mature - its our job to guide you true the process and help finalise it while trying to understand what you looking to achieve.

DESIGN - second stage of project and is the art and science of planning and achieving vehicle interior enhancements while incorporating your ideas and inspiration to one neat package. We use sketches and visualizations to finalise all the details from colours, patterns, materials and shapes to the very smallest of the details like stitching thickness and size. That what  achieves desired look and feel. At no point comfort will be forgotten and we will incorporate all necessary techniques to achieve desired level of comfort and deliver striking looks at the same time. Our experience will guide you true all the steps.

MANUFACTURING - last and final stage of a project where all ideas, inspiration and design comes together and is something that we excel at. Delivering final article that matches expectations is something that we strive for and have great success in. Every stage of manufacturing is equally important to us. From marking patterns to cutting and sewing leather the greatest care is taken to achieve highest standards possible and that shines true every project we complete.


What we can customise?

  • Seating - colour change, material upgrades, upholstery redesign and shape or form, custom logos, added functions like heating & cooling or massage
  • Dashboards - transform plastic surface to leather or Alcantara, colour change, redesign, add carbon or wood, add displays and audio
  • Door panels - audio installs, colour change, material upgrade, redesign, add carbon or wood
  • Centre consoles - redesign, colour change, material upgrade, audio installs, add carbon or wood
  • Headliners - material upgrade, fibre optics
  • Steering wheels - redesign and shape change, colour change, material upgrades, add carbon or wood
  • Lighting - upgrade existing to LED, add additional, mod lighting 
  • Carpets & matts - add sound deadening, leather piping, colour change, add logos