This Classic Porsche 911 underwent full restoration including full interior re trim by us. While the cars owner was taking care of runing gear and exterior restoration including full respray in Viper Green colour we took full care of interior upholstery and installation. 
Originally the car featured Tobacco colour vinyl upholstery including matching colour carpet set. Owner wanted to keep everything as original as possible with one exception - he wanted real leather finish rather than vinyl to be used for seat, doors and dashboard upholstery.  Luckily we have managed to source two tone leather closely matching the original colour thanks to our extensive list of suppliers. Tobacco-colored leather traveled all the way from the USA with matching OEM carpet from Germany and everything coming together at our workshop in Surrey.   
Interior restoration started from manufacturing and installation of completely new off white - colored vinyl headliner that had to go in very first while all the windows were out - something that most people don't realize while considering classic car headliner replacement is that most windows need to be out to correctly compleate this task! It was closely followed by new carpet installation including a very important carpet underlay layer that works as sound insulation and vibration dampening solution.